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Wedding videographer for wedding in Spain

You are thinking about hiring a wedding videographer for your destination wedding in Spain. Usually this is one of the last things on the to-do list list.  After the band stops playing, the flowers die, the cake is all eaten and the guests go home. I personally believe it potentially could be one of the most important memories you’re going to take home with you.

I wil run through 5 reasons why it would be great to have a wedding videographer at the wedding:

1. Investment in the preservation of memories
2. Capturing the parts you missed
3. Just pictures is sometimes not enough
4. This event only happens once
5. Sharing your wedding film is super easy!

1. Investment in the preservation of memories

You are going to invest a lot into your wedding day: wedding dress, the wedding flowers, the bridesmaids dresses, the wedding dinner, the wines, the photographer and possibly the wedding videographer. Instead of viewing the photographer and the videographer as en expense, like food or flowers, look at it as an investment in preserving your memories. Memories are priceless. The final product will be something to look back on, to pass on to your family or your children. 

2. Capturing the parts you missed

There is so much happening on your wedding day and ultimately you are just not going to be able to see it all. Things like the groom getting ready with his friends, the flower girl walking down the aisle as you are waiting to walk down the aisle. It can be all so emotional, even if you consciously could see it, you would not be able to take it in. The video (and wedding photography) will be able to capture all of that.  We can capture everything from the smallest details and the big emotions.

3. Just pictures is sometimes not enough

Film can offer an additional layer of emotion that a still image misses. For example like  the audible reaction during a first look or all of the speeches at your reception/dinner.  Without a doubt, photos will freeze your happy moments but film will allow you to relive them. 

4. This event happens only once

Not having a video could possibly be your biggest regret. In a poll on brides dot com shows that 35% of couples wish they hired a videographer and 25% of those couples wish they had budgeted more money towards a videographer. Obviously, once the wedding is over it will be too late to change your mind.

5. Sharing the film is super easy!

In addition to your own download via wetransfer.com of your wedding film, social media platforms offer a secondary channel. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are perfect for sharing your wedding film. With the included music license you will have no problems sharing the film online with your loved ones. it is a perfect way to show the people who could not attend what the wedding day was like. There is also the option to have special short versions created of your wedding film. Let me know what you want. There is nothing easier than pulling out your mobile phone and showing your video on YouTube 

Final word: cost

And a final word about cost. Some people are surprised to hear that a videographer can require the same investment as a photographer. Keep in mind that editing your video is a unique process. Without a doubt it can require days of work. Besides selecting the right pieces of footage for the right pieces of music and color correcting there is backing up on multiple hard drives. Every wedding day and every couple generate a unique set of events and moments to capture. There is no ‘one size fits all’. A lot of energy goes into putting the captured story together.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your story captured. Invest in preserving your most treasured memories.

Please tell me about your wedding day and wedding plans or ask for a quick quote here.

Wedding videographer for your wedding in Spain