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Wedding at Rebate | Stine and Lee

Stine and Lee, a couple from Norway, orignally had their wedding planned for the 23rd of April, but as some of you may remember, that was the time when the Icelandic volcano was messing up all our travel plans and many flights all over Europe were cancelled and planes were grounded (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8623806.stm). The poor girl trying to plan this wedding had her work cut out for her, it was a logistical little nightmare: hotel bookings had to be changed, photographer, priest, venue, car rentals, villa rentals, appartment rentals, florist and any other service you could think of had to be able to change to the new date in May 2010. In the end we (the services) all made it but unfortunately many guests couldn’t change their holiday plans at the office so they came out a couple of days before the 23rd of April, had a week in the sun and returned home.

Helge Pettersson from the Norwegian Church in Torrevieja (http://www.sjomannskirken.no/torrevieja/  conducted the ceremony.

Stine, Lee and all their friends and family had a great time at Rebate on the day and had a great time in Spain during the days after the wedding.

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