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A picture of a family in Torremendo – Costa Blanca Spain

Last week had the request to take some shots of Heidi, her boys and her pets.

Heidi lives on the top of a mountain in Torremendo, a house with a fab view of the salt lakes near Torrevieja and miles and miles of orange groves. This is a real family home, the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. The pets Heidi has are well looked after, she has such passion for her beautiful animals. Heidi is a woman who has lived  in a couple of different countries over the past 18 years: USA, France & Germany (correct me if I am wrong Heidi) In fact she has taken one of her horses with her on her ‘travels’. About 10 years ago she landed in Spain and hasn’t left since. All those who live in and around Heidi’s house are well looked after :-).

Oldest son Max,..well he loves his skates (refused to take them off, sorry Maxy), loves to pose for a couple of shots and then wants to get back to playing games with his girlfriend Alexia, kicking his football or jumping on the trampoline. Little Jordan was a little star, not a peep from him as sat comfortably with mummy or posed with the big dog.

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