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So, finally, after some prep, my dear friend Sue (MUA, styling, pre-production) and I managed to find two great models and a nice location for an evening sports portrait shoot. We chose San Miguel for the rugged background free of roads and telephone wires. The time of day would be sunset. We knew that we would very quickly start to loose light so we had to work fast and efficiently but thanks to the models Isidro and Mel that was a piece of cake.

Technical aspects – Lighting:

Left and right side of the frame I placed a 500W Bowens strobe set to about F/9 (about half power). The Bowens were powered by a generator (12V/21amp gel battery and 1200W pure sine wave inverter of Samlex). The strobe on the left had a 140×35 strip softbox and on the right the same. As some of you may have noticed, the flash duration of my Bowens strobes cannot keep up with the motion speed of the athletes – if I am correct this is 1/925 s for these units.

Technical aspects – post processing:

Processed with Adobe Camera RAW, shot in 14-bit. In general: lifted shadows, decreased contrast, increased back point, dodge and burn and sharpened for web output.


Sports portraits AlicanteSports portraits Alicante

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  • Irene PrimstadJuly 15, 2013 - 3:12 pm

    I world like to take fotos of my 4 kids, like familie pikcur. I Would like to now the prices, And how long It takes untill they are finish:) Thank you. IreneReplyCancel