An interesting turn – video productions Costa Blanca

So for the past 20 years I have been focussed on my photography development and my photography business. A lot has changed in the technology department: the switch from film to digital, medium format is not the end all be all solution anymore as the perfect tool. The introduction of social media (instagram, facebook, youtube, snapchat, pinterest, etc), high speed internet in houses and on mobile devices and high end quality photo camera becoming increasingly cheaper and cheaper.

A combination of all of the above has lead me to believe I can and have to diversify my business and still enjoy my creative endeavours through the, for me, new medium of motion pictures. With the introduction of fibre internet and high speed mobile internet, video content has become available on all platforms. Brands and companies have latched onto this and incorporate video to tell their story. This creates endless business opportunities for us creatives.

For the past 2 years I have been chatting with many creatives in my space who started out as a photographer that now have turned hybride shooters – they shoot video and they shoot photos. They advised me to give it a try.

Dabbling in video

At first I was not looking forward to the many hours of footage spotting, editing and the endless upgrades of backup systems/servers/harddrives and editing computer (those video files can be chunky,..I guess there is nothing wrong with that). Then I started doing some small video shoots with the gear I had, a DSLR and glidecam. It was not the ideal kit, but it got me started. When jobs came in that required better gear for the job, I would contact a rental company.  

One of the early videos by AJ Photography (Dutch video)

Fast forward 24 months and I took the plunge and invested in a kit that includes a full frame body that can shoot 4k and shoots up to 120 fps for buttery smooth slo-mos. For the buttery smooth motion I have invested in the newest gimbal. To top it off, I have included a number of lenses and sound recording equipment. 

professional gimbal for video productions

So AJ Photography is now offering video services on the Costa Blanca. Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa are basically my back garden but I will cover from Moraira which is pretty much North of the Costa Blanca all the way down to Cartagena/ La Manga in the South of the Costa Blanca. As Amsterdam is my second base for work, I have no problem hopping on a plane and joining you for a gig up North of Europe.

More recent work – wedding video that I shot as a hybrid shooter – photography and video on the same day

Want to talk about any upcoming projects you might have? Drop me a line and lets have a (virtual) coffee to get to know each other, I am all ears.

Contact me by clicking the link. Hope to hear from you!

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