Last week we did a family shoot in Moraira for a lovely couple and their daughter. After that we had come fantastic Indonesian cuisine.

Look at the beautiful lighting on these shots, it is perfect. Ask your photographer to pick the right time of day for your family shoot and you will improve your chances of getting flattering portraits. If you would like to book a family session, please contact me. Enter your details into the contact form.


Nancy and Chris had their wedding blessing at Rebate on the Costa Blanca. Nancy was prepping in Villa Martin on Orihuela Costa, just behind the Villa Martin Plaza. Chris was just round the corner from Nancy. The girls had help from a friend who does hair and makeup. The women were actually very organised and calm when I walked in. More often than not the atmosphere is pretty tense and charged but Nancy and her girls seemed chilled. The boys however were kind of rushing to get to the coach on time, their braces were not cooperating and the tie length was never perfect once the knot was tightened (thanks to Nancy´s father who helped the boys out). The wedding team at Rebate had been prepping the location all morning for their big day. The church had an abundance of flowers and candles, it looked amazing. Rev Eddie conducted the service with his usual humor, no ceremony goes by without people laughing out loud. After the service Rebate had an huge amount of canapes and chilled drinks. The dinner and party was on the private top terrace of Rebate and started at 7 pm and finished at 2 am. At 2am all guest were taken back to their hotel by the Rebate coaches.

Nancy and Chris, I just sent you the download link to your slideshow, hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to you and your family and friends for inspiring me,



Emma and Steven are from Ireland. They had their religious wedding ceremony in Ermita de san juan bautista el albujon. After the ceremony they all moved to La Herencia Celebraciones. Before the ceremony I dropped by the lads who ended up fighting with their ties (too long, too short). After the guys prep shots I made my way to Emma. She was prepping in her parents house on La Roda Golf.

The ceremony was held in a beautiful chapel not far from Los Alcazares in the Murcia region. Large enough to hold all their guests (approx 150 people). They had invited their own priest from Ireland to do the ceremony. Best thing about ceremonies done by friends of the family is that they are personal and meaningful services.

After the ceremony everybody got in coaches and made their way to La Herencia Celebraciones . When I visited this venue in February I must admit it did not appeal to me as a wedding venue but when I walked in on the weddings, it had been transformed in to an fresh and new venue, lots a natural light coming in. The airconditioning was fantastic. When guest arrived lots of food was ready and the bar was prepped to serve everybody cool drinks.

I made my usual round of getting natural shots of the guests most of them were seated. I do prefer people standing when taking natural shots but it was fine. Did an scan of the outside dining area and noticed all the tables were all ready setup so I could capture detailed shots of the table settings. It was really a lovely setting on the lawn outside next to the pool. In the evening the venue would have lots of floating candles in the water to create a lovely atmosphere.

Have a look at some of their images below to get an impression of their wedding day.

Emma and Steven, it was a great pleasure and inspiring to work with you and your family at this lovely venue, you are a great couple. Speak to you soon!

With thanks,


la roda golf wedding prep

la roda golf wedding prep




rolls royce wedding car murcia

rolls royce wedding car murcia

Ermita de san juan bautista el albujon

Ermita de san juan bautista el albujon


Ermita de san juan bautista el albujon

Ermita de san juan bautista el albujon


La Herencia Celebraciones

La Herencia Celebraciones wedding venue



High speed sync with strobes

This weekend with it being so hot here, we had a pool fun for the little kids and some photography fun for the big boys. From a technical aspect these were an interesting experiment: the camera and Bowens studio strobes synched at high speeds (1/8000th of a second). With the on camera flash and a pocket wizard III connected simultaneously made this possible. If anybody is interested in the details, just leave a comment below and I will be happy to explain.