The start of the week was great! Aimee and Carlo a cool couple from the UK celebrated their wedding in the Swiss Hotel. As you can see, the theme colour was fuchsia and it contrasted nicely with all the white.

The Swiss hotel have a lovely pool house where the ceremony took place but before we get to the ceremony part we have the prep. Everybody was relaxed (or buzzing),…except the best man because his shirt was missing! Poor man. Lucky enough he was shirtless so he stayed cool in the heat. With a little help from the hotel manager the best man was no longer shirtless. He managed to get ready in time for the ceremony…pffew.

Just wanted to say to Aimee and Carlo that you guys rock! You seemed to enjoy every minute in front of the camera and that made my job soooooo easy, a sincere thank you for that.

Last week had the request to take some shots of Heidi, her boys and her pets.

Heidi lives on the top of a mountain in Torremendo, a house with a fab view of the salt lakes near Torrevieja and miles and miles of orange groves. This is a real family home, the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. The pets Heidi has are well looked after, she has such passion for her beautiful animals. Heidi is a woman who has lived  in a couple of different countries over the past 18 years: USA, France & Germany (correct me if I am wrong Heidi) In fact she has taken one of her horses with her on her ‘travels’. About 10 years ago she landed in Spain and hasn’t left since. All those who live in and around Heidi’s house are well looked after :-).

Oldest son Max,..well he loves his skates (refused to take them off, sorry Maxy), loves to pose for a couple of shots and then wants to get back to playing games with his girlfriend Alexia, kicking his football or jumping on the trampoline. Little Jordan was a little star, not a peep from him as sat comfortably with mummy or posed with the big dog.



A fantastic day in Calpe – North Costa Blanca it was. People from all over the world came to see the B&G on their wedding day. The atmosphere was chilled,..ok Janet, not when you got lipstick on your dress – arrrrghh! , but look at it this way: things could have been worse. Thank god house keeping helped out there. Once that was out the way, nothing could stop them.

During the ceremony Shawns son recited a moving poem and their daughter played a tune on the piano,..magical.

The reception was held by the pool. People could enjoy their drinks with a fab view of the sea and setting sun. After the reception people were seated in the dining room that would be the stage for the rest of the evening. Oh,..must not forget the surprise firework display, stunning!

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Dear B&G’s,

The year 2011 is looking to be very busy at Rebate. For all those who have booked at Rebate in 2010 or 2011, feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding the wedding photography.

Ever since the start of Weddings In Rebate we have been growing from strength to strength and we have become a concept on the Costa Blanca.

If you are planning on having your wedding at Rebate in 2012, don’t wait any longer and drop me an e-mail. I can put you in touch with the person responsible for the administration.

Happy planning!