Last week I was shooting a wedding in Olso Norway. I arrived there only one day after the blast. The devastation was enormous as we could all see in the media. People were walking around with a look of disbelief on their faces. it seems very strange that something like this can happen in a city that seems so organized and so friendly. My thoughts go out to all those families that have lost somebody by the blast in Olso or during the gunning on Utoya,…so sad. That that act of one crazy man can cause so much grief.

On the other side of the city, near the port there still traces of broken glass to be found. That must have been about 2 km’s from the blast. On Sunday, people were sitting on benches reflecting on what had passed two days earlier.


Diane and Conor contacted me about a year ago via email. We had a chat on the phone and immediately I was excited about this wedding. Their ceremony was to be held in Casa de los Bates. A part time residential object for the family of the ex minister of education in Spain. This beautiful house is surrounded by fabulous gardens, ideal for a cocktail reception and outdoor dining.

The trip to house of the bride, Nerja, was a lovely trip. While living and working in Spain you don’t often get the opportunity to stop, enjoy and appreciate the vistas around you. The trip was a couple of hours but well worth it.

After arriving at the brides house and having a cool drink shooting started. The atmosphere was very relaxed and this feeling continued throughout the day. After the prep shots we drove to Casa de los Bates where we got shots of the guests having a drink and a chat. The ceremony was held in some kind of large but picturesque arbor (large enough to seat the close family) that was covered with climbing plants.

After the ceremony we made good use of all the shade available because it was a hot day (about 34 degrees,..think about that if you plan on having your wedding on the Costa Del Sol in July/August when you are buying your wedding dress or wedding suit – Diane knew exactly what she was doing but of course many of the guys suffered 😉 On the other hand maybe the guys didn’t listen to the advice their better half gave them?). The heat didn’t spoil any of the fun and thanks to Jenny from ‘Spanish Wedding Planner’ things went very smooth.

During the speeches the groom of course was suitably embarrassed,..great Star Wars kit you had there bud!

Dear Diane and Conor, we had a great time shooting your wedding for you, Costa del Sol is such a lovely place. Thank you for letting us document your big day. The rest of the images will be available for you later this afternoon!

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I like surprises,..especially if I hear a couple of days before a wedding that the B&G  would like me to show up at their wedding to snap away for them. Helga and Frode are such a couple. They have know each other for years, but decided – from what I understood – only recently to get married in Spain :-). They were here for a short time, so I was pleased I could meet up with them and shoot their wedding. The wedding was in the Sjomannskirken, ceremony was conducted by Mia. Coffee, cake, soft drinks and waffles (!! just love them waffles with jam !!) were supplied by the lovely staff of the Sjomannskirken.

After the ceremony, we drove to Torre del Morro for some outdoor shots. It was at the end of the day so it wasn’t too hot,…but this couple made the air temperature rise a couple of degrees 😉

Thanks to both of you for being such a pleasure to work with!


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