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  • Kate Walton - Thank you so much Andrew, you really did capture the magic of the day, I think your images are stunning. You put everyone at ease, becoming part of the fabric of the day. We really couldn’t recommend you highly enough.
    Thank you always

    Love KateReplyCancel

    • Andrew - Hi Kate, hi Ed,
      Wow, you are quick, just got this online! The wedding was beautiful and you both looked stunning, proud to have you on my blog. I had a real good time that day, your friends and family are so laid back.
      The disc with all the high res files is on its way! Let me know how you get on with your album, would love to see a few iphone snap shots when done 😉
      Take care you two and speak soon.

  • sophie ivan - clancy - Hi

    I’d like to enquire about having some photos taken in El Campello, Alicante in August 2014. We will be getting married at about 8pm and would like to have some first look photos taken (Bride and Groom) at about 7:30. I think we would just require you for 30 minutes. We would like our photos to look relaxed and natural and capture real emotion in the moment.

    Could you give me a quote for this please. Could you also quote for 1 and a half hours (this would include 30 mins before ceremony, the ceremony & a few family photos after the ceremony)

    Kind regards,
    Sophie & PatrickReplyCancel

Now I then I put some Weddings In Rebate photos on my blog. As I have not posted in a while I thought I would be a good idea to keep some of you updated of the recent work. I am sorry for being very absent on the blog these past months but the work load has been pretty high so crunching the pixels and getting the images out to the clients as soon as possible has been my priority.

The venue: Rebate (www.weddingsinrebate.com)

Flowers: Dawne Dawe (www.weddingflowersspain.com)

Georgia was introduced to me through my very good friend Sue. Sue wanted to experiment with hair/make-up and I really liked the idea of doing some shots. Georgia lives in the United States and Sue had talked about doing a test shoot with her for some time. Lucky for us Georgia came to visit Sue in Spain. A couple of the shots are below.

Small disclaimer: I was not the main photographer for this wedding, just came along with the main photographer for the ‘ride’

Laura and Ian were a couple we met up with in London last year during our Christmas break (we were actually staying with a couple for whom I shot the wedding a couple of years ago – Michelle and Ian). During the meet and greet they talked about havea two day wedding: service on the on the 20th if July and beach party on the 21st of July. The service was held in Altea la Vella church ‘ Santa Ana’.  The church was full with not a single seat free, all their friends and family came out to Spain especially for their wedding.

The reception and dinner was at the rustic Casa del Maco in Benissa. Lovely setup and great rooms. At the reception they had a Spanish band playing and in the evening they had an English band playing, both very good.

Laura and Ian, thanks for letting us be part of your special day. The relations with your family and friends, the events and emotions on the day inspired us to do what we do best: capture your wedding day.

So, finally, after some prep, my dear friend Sue (MUA, styling, pre-production) and I managed to find two great models and a nice location for an evening sports portrait shoot. We chose San Miguel for the rugged background free of roads and telephone wires. The time of day would be sunset. We knew that we would very quickly start to loose light so we had to work fast and efficiently but thanks to the models Isidro and Mel that was a piece of cake.

Technical aspects – Lighting:

Left and right side of the frame I placed a 500W Bowens strobe set to about F/9 (about half power). The Bowens were powered by a generator (12V/21amp gel battery and 1200W pure sine wave inverter of Samlex). The strobe on the left had a 140×35 strip softbox and on the right the same. As some of you may have noticed, the flash duration of my Bowens strobes cannot keep up with the motion speed of the athletes – if I am correct this is 1/925 s for these units.

Technical aspects – post processing:

Processed with Adobe Camera RAW, shot in 14-bit. In general: lifted shadows, decreased contrast, increased back point, dodge and burn and sharpened for web output.


  • Irene Primstad - I world like to take fotos of my 4 kids, like familie pikcur. I Would like to now the prices, And how long It takes untill they are finish:) Thank you. IreneReplyCancel