In the series of guest blog posts, I now have spoken to Paula Gibson who works as a florist in the United Kingdom.


Tell us a little about yourself?
Being a typical Pisces I am dreamy and I think maybe I live in a world of everything girlie, from the love of the colour Pink and a passion for diamonds, Peonies and everything pretty this maybe why I adore flowers.

Show us a short video or some pictures of your three most fav designs
If I had to pick my 3 fav flowers designs we could be here forever so I tend now when ask to stick to picking my 3 flowers of the current year, this year has been so beautiful from Roses to Peonies.

How would you describe your style?
Romantic for sure, but I tend to change with trends and current fashion, this is what is so lovely about being a florist it can change and my style is built up on my brides like flowers the individual and unique and have their own style.

Where do you get inspiration from?
From firstly my brides you are building the biggest day of their lives , you’re creating a story and happen to be such a big part of it, with a bouquet being centre stage, I love searching websites, magazines, and have my fav florists too.

How did you get into this business?
I was offered an apprenticeship when I was 17 and my dear dad, bless him, would not let me take it as he said it was “too cold, early mornings” so I went into fashion, but always flowers were there over 20 years ago, I went back to college to follow my dream and the rest in now here for people to see, but I think the fashion helped.

Why do you love your job or what makes it so special?
I would not know where to start, Its creative and every wedding is a one off so different to the last one, you’re making a happy day , you’re working with flowers that have taken so long to grow and after all this time I still think ‘Wow!’ and cannot wait till the next one.

How do you land most of your jobs?
Word of mouth, I do not advertise, usually brides have been at a wedding where they have seen my work, someone recommends me or seen pictures, I really try to keep every wedding unique, I work with my brides to create their special day.

If you had an unlimited budget for a wedding fair, how would you like to spend it?
Oh it would be pink and Peonies and Sweet Avalanche Roses would take centre stage, I think my theme would be old English set in an old country house and walled garden with and aisle of pink Rose petals for the bride to walk down, oh and candles in glass amazing……….I could go on and on…..

What do you love doing in your free time?
Well at the moment I am adding to my flowers with another company called Chaises Deluxe they supply unique wedding chair covers – so that is taking most of my time, I am just so excited about it. I love yoga it’s my “Me hour”. I also follow my husband’s career as a co-commentator for Sky Sports on Spanish football, I have 2 grown up children who I adore oh and yes to Persian cats, so free time is fun time.

How can brides and wedding services contact you?
Paula Gibson Flowers, 07972-292254

Twitter: @paulagflowers
Email: [email protected]


Dear readers,
The past 1-2 months I have been receiving inquiries about booking a wedding for 2014-2015. Unfortunately for most of those brides I had to email them that I was already booked for the date they had in mind. To avoid disappointment, all I can say is book* your favorite photographer as soon as you have booked the venue. That way you stand the chance of getting in there first.

Sorry to all those brides and grooms I could not accept their booking but I hope that the alternative I emailed you helped. To all those brides and grooms still on the fence, check quotes and budgets and get online to confirm and secure that booking!

Best of luck to all of you brides and grooms!

With thanks,

* by booking I mean send the photographer the required retainer fee and have him/her confirm the money landing in their account

In a series of ‘Guest blog posts’ Inge Bergakker, a Dutch bridal fair organizer, is the first to share a bit about herself and her business. I made contact with Inge about 3 years ago, then she was a wedding planner. In the interview she will tell you about the new direction her career has taken.

Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Inge Bergakker and I live in The Netherlands. Four years ago I started my own wedding planning agency and within a couple of months I also started organizing wedding fairs in exclusive wedding venues. Just recently I have decided to end my wedding planning agencies (I had two specialism’s in the meantime: gay weddings and exclusive weddings in Italy) and focus on expanding the fairs. My goal is to organize these wedding fairs nation wide and annually I will organize one or two exquisite event.


Show us a short video or some pictures of your three most fav wedding fairs
You can find some video’s of the past fairs on the homepage of my website


How would you describe your style when working with wedding services/brides?
My fairs are actually a platform to let couples meet the handpicked vendors in person. These vendors are certainly worth meeting and have proven to be great in their field. The fairs are in a relaxed atmosphere in exclusive wedding venues and the couples can take their time to get to talk to them, get to know the vendors and the venue a little better. They are pampered throughout their stay; a welcoming glass of bubbles, little hors d’oeuvres, workshops, live entertainment, bridal shows, goodie bags etc.


Which geographic areas do you cover?
My fairs are going to be throughout The Netherlands.


Where do you get inspiration from?
My inspiration actually comes from what I don’t want for my couples; huge fairs where vendors are in your face trying to sell their product or service. I truly believe that these types of wedding fairs are still wanted by lot’s of couples but due to experience I know couples do really appreciate the personal touch and who look for quality. That’s what we provide them:high service and quality in a relaxed atmosphere with the personal touch.


How did you get into this business?
My first wedding fair was small and on a yacht. To be very honest; that wasn’t quite a success but I did learn immediately what I needed to change and how I wanted them in the future. I then was approached by a company who owned five wedding venues. They asked me if I would like to organize the fairs for them because they lacked the time. From that moment on it went spiral and up till now I have organized more than 16 wedding fairs already.


How long you have been doing it?
For more than three and a half years now.


Why do you love your job or what makes it so special?
The pleasure and satisfaction I get every time I can convince a wedding venue of the quality Bridal Fairs applies. The feeling I get after a fully booked fair is indescribable. I so love doing what I do! I’m very passionate about work. I love to network and giving the couples as much information as possible. With my wedding planner background it just makes it all easier too.Let’s say it this way; I’m a workaholic and I totally love what I do!


Why should brides and wedding services attend your fairs?
Because the personal touch is our motto. It’s not a bee hive with way too many vendors in which you have no clue where to go to or who to talk with. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, we have a great diversity of quality vendors and we pamper our couples as much as possible. Once again, all the vendors and the venues want to give the best service possible to the couples.


If you had an unlimited budget for a wedding fair, how would you like to spend it?
Oh wow.. that means I have to spill my beans and with so many competitors in this field I think I’ll just skip this question. But believe me; there will be something awesome going on next year. Maybe two 😉 [Andrew: ,, So we will be keeping an eye on your website and facebook page!”]


What do you love doing in your free time?
Free time? What’s that!?!?!? No, just kidding. I love spending quality time with my family. I have two teens in the house and seeing them growing up so quickly makes me realize that life passes by in the blink of an eye. I try my best not to take that for granted. And if I have more spare time, I love to read books and enjoy the sun. With my foreign genes that is a necessity!


How can brides and wedding services contact you?
They can find me through my website  and facebook| email [email protected] or just give me a call on +31 (0)6 27068860
If you are a wedding service supplier and you would like to tell my blog visitors about you and your business, please feel free to drop me a line. At the bottom of this post you can click on the envelope icon to send me an email.
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With thanks,