When to book your wedding photographer?

Dear readers,
The past 1-2 months I have been receiving inquiries about booking a wedding for 2014-2015. Unfortunately for most of those brides I had to email them that I was already booked for the date they had in mind. To avoid disappointment, all I can say is book* your favorite photographer as soon as you have booked the venue. That way you stand the chance of getting in there first.

Sorry to all those brides and grooms I could not accept their booking but I hope that the alternative I emailed you helped. To all those brides and grooms still on the fence, check quotes and budgets and get online to confirm and secure that booking!

Best of luck to all of you brides and grooms!

With thanks,

* by booking I mean send the photographer the required retainer fee and have him/her confirm the money landing in their account

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